Top 3 Filipina Dating Sites

Top 3 Filipina Dating Sites

Comprehensive Filipina Dating Site Comparison

Internet dating can come as a genuine stun to those of you from Western nations, where it's loaded with low-quality ladies and poor states of mind. Not just are Filipina dating destinations overflowing with alluring young ladies, they're significantly more intrigued by talking and meeting. Particularly considering a large number of the ladies on these locales are effectively looking for or if nothing else extremely open to nonnatives and white men, regardless of the fact that you're more established.

That doesn't mean internet dating in the Philippines is without it's dissatisfactions and challenges, be that as it may. To help you get off on the right foot, I'll be separating and contrasting the nation's three greatest dating destinations. At last, they're all worth utilizing if time and cash aren't an issue, however some are certainly much superior to anything others.

1. TrulyFilipina

The top 1 among Filipino dating sites, Truly simply blows the competition out of the water in several ways. The site is well-designed, responsive, and intuitive, making it a pleasure to use. You may be familiar with it already if you’ve used any of their other successful line of Truly sites.

Messaging is quick, searches are easy, and it has a feature I’m very fond of, which is the ability to view a girl’s pics and profile descriptions over her page. It ensures she’s not inundated with profile views and starts getting the wrong impression. TF’s chat feature is also integrated into the site much better than Blossom’s, though you do have to be a Elite member to chat.

Speaking of, Truly differentiates itself from the other sites with it’s three tier membership system, one of which is free. As a guy, you’re definitely going to have the Elite package simply too stripped down to be nearly as effective. So that girls who join free can receive and reply to your messages and chats, meaning there’s an absolutely massive pool of eligible ladies to dig through.

Since guys who joined for free have so many restrictions on who they can message, you also benefit from less competition and women who are much more likely to reply. Elite members get their profiles featured higher and more prominently in the search results.

Bottom line: With vastly superior functionality and a seemingly endless supply of attractive Filipinas, Truly Filipina wins our site comparison hands down. This is $5 to $25 a month you definitely won’t regret.

Pro-tip: Only Elite members are able to initiate an instant messaging session, so don’t forget to use this to your advantage.

2. Date in Asia |

Date in Asia is the only site on our list that’s completely free. This has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. The first perk being, well, you don’t have to pay any money. Also, the lowered barrier of entry means there are plenty of girls to choose from, though the mixture of women from different countries can be confusing.

On the other hand, they’ve invested less into their search and tend to be more flaky as a result. It also brings more competition. The women here simply get spammed with so many messages that it’s tough just to get a response to your initial greeting.  About 75% of my attempts to start a conversation go unanswered, while the percentages are flipped on Filipino Cupid. And I’ve had more girls “show interest” in half an hour on FC than I have over a period of several months on DIA.

Plus, it’s the only one of the three without a chat feature. Yet another drawback is only being able include one picture on your profile. This gives you less chance to show value on your end and makes it more important to do your due diligence to avoid girls who look nothing like their photo. This is even more dangerous given the higher number of ladyboys lurking on the site.

Bottom line: Despite numerous drawbacks, including how tough it can be to get noticed by anyone other than the multitude of transvestites, it is totally free and I’ve still managed to find some of my favorite girls here.

Pro-tip: Pay close attention to the join date on a girl’s profile and go for the girls who joined most recently, as they’ll be less jaded by the huge amounts of attention.

 3. Cherry Blossoms |

Bringing up the rear of the bunch is Cherry Blossoms. Starting with what they do right, one of my favorite things about Blossoms is that they show you how many times a particular girl has viewed your profile, which is really useful for gauging interest. They also have a chat feature that every member can use to instant message other users who are online. This definitely comes in handy. First of all, most girls on the site check their accounts so infrequently that it can take you weeks to exchange a few messages.

This is even more frustrating considering the girls on Blossoms are a bit more conservative and relationship oriented than the other sites, meaning they require a little more back and forth before you can get their number. Even if you do catch them when they’re online, the site’s so poorly designed and unresponsive that it’s a pain getting a real conversation going through standard messages. So, if you have the opportunity, make sure to take advantage of the “chat now” feature to bypass the headaches and waiting.

Bottom line: Less girls, less active, and a terrible site design makes this one a hard sell at up to $30 a month. That being said, there are still girls to be found, especially if you’re looking for something more serious.

Pro-tip: Take things slightly slower with the girls on Blossoms, but help the conversation along by using the chat feature whenever possible.



james humty

August 29, 2016 12:00 AM

these 3 dating sites is nice...esp.trulyfilipina...I met mygirl here...

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